How to make money on blogger

Hello friends today we are discuss about make money from blogger....friends blogger is best purpose for making money...bcz this service provided by Google and which is  totally can make various  types of bloges in blogger account. other websites are not giving facilities like Google...

Our main topic is how to make money from it? First of all I want to say you that you make more and more different type of post in blogger... Then bring traffic from organic sites like

facebook,twitter,instagram,pinterest, Google plus,YouTube,what's app or what's app group, group discussion websites,SMS,email or any other way....some people try to bring traffic from traffic booster websites...which available in paid and free..if you search on google then lots of traffic booster websites are available...

Another thing is you try to make post in English to bring traffic from outside country...bcz it's CPC rate is you can earn more..bcz content(post) is most important part of blogger.

Earn money as publisher

Let's talk about how earning from it...
Google provide AdSense facility to put their ads in blogpost...when we put AdSense ads in our blogger and any person watch that ads for some second or some minutes then we get money from it...but must have more traffic....bcz more traffic it means more earning....friends if you like this article then don't forget to comment it....thanks

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